Registration for EIW 2018 at Michigan Law will open Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at noon EST (9 a.m. PST).Once logged into your Symplicity account, select “OCI > Schedule Request > Request A Schedule”.

Early Interview Week 2018 at Michigan Law is set for August 7-10. Registration will open in late February. More information will be posted on this site as it is finalized in October.

EIW 2017

During Early Interview Week (EIW) in August 2017, 550+ offices from 33 states, Washington, D.C., and five foreign countries conducted over 4,800 interviews with our students over the course of four days. Approximately 250 of our 2L and 3L students participated.

Class of 2020

Michigan Law’s newest class is as impressive as it is diverse. Representing 42 states, DC, and Puerto Rico, 75% of the Fall 2017 incoming class has one or more years work experience after completing their undergraduate degree.

2020 Class Profile

100% Lottery Format

Michigan Law operates its Early Interview Week (EIW) program as a 100% lottery system. This means that employers are not able to pre-screen candidates prior to interviews.

In researching potential employers, our students rely on online resources. Therefore, we encourage employers to use their websites to convey information to students about the organization, selection criteria, work the office does, and training that a summer clerk or beginning associate may expect. Students also review NALP forms and NALP Workplace questionnaires and we suggest that employers update these forms regularly.

SJD & Dual Degree Students

A number of our S.J.D. candidates indicate an interest in practicing in the US either permanently or for a period of time after graduation. Each year a handful of S.J.D. candidates participate in EIW. These students come from many different countries and are selected from hundreds of applicants. Annually many of these students plan to take an American licensing examination.

Dozens of our J.D. candidates are also pursuing either a joint master’s degree or Ph.D in other schools throughout the University.  Joint degree students face demanding requirements from their programs. Because of their interdisciplinary approach to the study of law, they bring a unique expertise to their employment settings.  These students usually complete requirements for both degrees in four years.

Interview & Registration Fees

Hospitality Suite Fees

See Hospitality Suite section below for full information on hosting a hospitality suite at EIW 2018.

  • Fees for EIW 2018 are determined by the total number of attorneys in the offices for which your firm is interviewing.
  • Law firms with offices in more than one city that arrange their visits separately and/or firms that fill out more than one registration form on Symplicity will be billed for each separate registration.
  • Invoices will be sent out in mid-April 2018 with payments due by Wednesday, July 11.
  • Cancellations made in writing to eallett@umich.edu two weeks or more in advance will receive an interview fee refund (the registration fee is nonrefundable).

Before Registering

During registration, you will be asked to select all offices that you wish to interview for, the number of schedules (rooms), interview length,  whether or not you wish to host a hospitality suite, and if you are open to interview dual degree students. Also, if interviewing for multiple offices on the same registration, you will be asked how you wish to organize office slots within each schedule (room).

Wondering how many schedules to request for your firm or for specific offices? Email Erin Allett at eallett@umich.edu to discuss a strategy.

Multiple Offices

If you are registering for multiple offices within your organization and want students to interview only once, you must include all related offices on one registration form.  If you would like students to have the opportunity to interview separately with more than one office, you will need to complete separate registration forms.   

If you do not see all offices for which you wish to register, please complete a registration form and then email Erin Allett at eallett@umich.edu with a list of offices you wish to add to your registration.

IMPORTANT: You will also be asked if the Office of Career Planning can maximize your schedule by filling open interview slots for Office A with waitlisted students for Office B. This only applies if your firm is interviewing for multiple offices. For example, the Miami schedule has open slots, but you have a New York waitlist, can we fill the Miami slots with students interested in New York? Please carefully review this question as we will use this information during the week of scheduling to organize your firm’s interview schedule.

Tip to Strength Your Schedule

We strongly encourage employers to utilize the “Hiring Criteria” section of the registration form.  Every year we hear from employers who wish they would have included more information in this section – so please include your make-or-break criteria!

Are there particular majors in which your organization is interested, grade expectations, student group involvement, what professional experience prior to law school that you value, etc.? It is in your best interest to include as much information as possible.


  1. Log in to Symplicity
  2. Select OCI > Request Schedule
  3. Complete the request form*
    *NOTE: Each separate registration form completed will be charged the appropriate interview and nonrefundable registration fee. We do not charge by # of schedules (rooms), but by registration.


You will receive a confirmation email shortly after registering that your request is pending. Requests will be assigned to an interview date in late March/early April. You will receive a second confirmation email once your interview date has been assigned.

Interview Date Assignments

While the Office of Career Planning cannot guarantee any particular date assignment, we will make every effort to assign the interview date(s) requested by each employer. The date and time that a registration request is submitted will be one primary factor in interview date assignment considerations. Therefore, we strongly encourage registering as early as possible.

Review Timeline

Review the next sections for a timeline of key dates related to EIW 2018.

Please download the Michigan Law EIW 2018 Timeline for Recruiting Contacts for a punchlist of deadlines and to-dos for Michigan Law EIW.

A limited number of employer hospitality suites are available for each interview date. Hospitality suites are located in the Lawyers Club.

Room Logistics

Hospitality rooms differ in size and shape; they measure anywhere from 226 to 270 square feet. All rooms will be located on the far south end of the building.  They most likely will not be adjacent to your interview rooms. Each room will have two tables for food, beverages, and giveaways.

How to Prepare

These spaces are typically staffed by 2-4 non-interviewer representatives and many employers provided catered snacks throughout the day. Food and beverages are allowed, but must be made with a Michigan Law approved caterer. Employers that request a hospitality suite will be sent additional information regarding approved caterers.

Request a Hospitality Suite

Interested? Submit a request on your EIW Registration Form via Symplicity. As with all EIW offerings, space will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Fee: $1,000 for August 7 or 8
Fee: $500 for August 9 or 10

We understand that it is not always feasible for firms and/or select offices to visit campus during Early Interview Week. Posting a Resume Collect via Symplicity can be a great way to identify Michigan Law students you may wish to interview outside of the formal on-campus interview process.

Resume Collects

To post a Resume Collect, you must first establish an account with Michigan Law Symplicity. Once logged in, click “Create Job Posting” under the Shortcuts menu of Symplicity. Be sure to select “Resume Collect = Yes” in the job posting form.Resume Collects will go live to students no earlier than June 1, 2018.

Virtual Interviews

The Office of Career Planning has the capability to connect you with interested applicants via video teleconferenced job interviews.  If you are interested in learning more about this service and the technology involved or in scheduling teleconferenced interviews, please email Erin Allett (eallett@umich.edu) or call our office (734.764.0546).

Interviewers requiring overnight accommodations will need to make those arrangements separately. We strongly encourage you to make your overnight accommodation reservations early! NOTE: There are no pre-arranged room blocks for EIW 2018.

Executive Learning and Conference Center at the Ross School of Business

The ELCC is one block from the Law School at 710 E. University. The block rate is $157/night plus taxes for guest rooms with a double bed. Please call 734.764.7677 to make a reservation and request the “Law School Recruiting” group.

Kensington Ann Arbor

The Kensington is located at 3500 S. State Street, Ann Arbor, MI (next to I-94). It’s approximately three miles south of the Law School. Taxi service to campus is available. Please contact Kensington directly at 734.761.7800.

Sheraton Ann Arbor

The Sheraton is located at 3200 Boardwalk, Ann Arbor, MI. It’s approximately three miles south of the Law School. Taxi service to campus is available. Please contact the Sheraton directly at 734-996-0600.

The Graduate Ann Arbor

The Graduate is located at 615 East Huron Street, Ann Arbor, MI. It’s approximately one northwest of the Law School. Please contact The Graduate directly 734.769.2200.

In addition, a list of hotels in the area can be found on our website.

All EIW interviews and hospitality suites will be held at the Lawyers Club at 551 South State Street Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1208.

There will be a loading and unloading zone located on the west side of Tappan Ave. just south of South University Ave. near the northeast corner of the Lawyers Club. This space will be ideal for pick-ups and drop-offs for Ubers/car services.

Map from EIW 2017

Navigating to the Lawyers Club

From DTW Airport

NOTE: Taxis are not readily available immediately outside of the Lawyers Club. For return trips to the airport, we recommend scheduling a car service (4 Stars Airport Service | Golden Limousine), taxi (Amazing Blue), or an Uber/Lyft in advance.

From Executive Learning & Conference CenterFrom Kensington Ann ArborFrom Sheraton Ann ArborFrom The Graduate Ann Arbor


If you are driving to campus, we strongly recommend parking in one of the public parking structures in Ann Arbor. Please click here for a map. The closest public parking structure is the Maynard Street City Parking Structure (F-3). Interviews will be held at the Lawyers Club (H-8). We suggest planning on at least 15 minutes to walk from the parking structure to the Lawyers Club. There is a limited amount of on-street (credit/debit card accepted) parking available near the Lawyer’s Club.

Promote Your Summer Reception

Promoting your summer reception via Symplicity is easy! Following the instructions below, submit a request to post an info session at Michigan Law. OCP will review and approve your information session posting and email a copy of our Rising 2L & 3L Directory for your use in reaching out to students directly about your event.

NOTE: We require that students RSVP via Symplicity for employer events. Collecting RSVPs via Symplicity not only allows employers the ease of viewing and emailing RSVPs directly from Symplicity, this process also enables the Office of Career Planning to better understand student-employer engagement so that we can offer informed, data-driven best practices for your Michigan Law recruiting strategy.

Interested in collecting RSVPs outside of Symplicity, as well? Please share this information in the “Description” section of the request form and we will include it in the Symplicity posting.

Share your Reception details with us:

1. Login to your Symplicity account
2. Click “Events” > “Information Sessions” on the left navigation
3. Click “Request Information Session”


4. Session Type: Rising 2L Reception
5. Please add as much information as possible, including any appropriate attachments
6. Location: Off-campus (see event description)


Questions? Email lawcareers@umich.edu.

Please ship any packages and/or promotional material to:

**A shipping address will be noted here in July 2018**

Please mark on the packages that they are for “hospitality”.  This will help our staff know exactly where to take the boxes.  Please do not ship your packages any earlier than Friday, August 3. We reserve the right to refuse shipments that arrive prior to August 3.

If you have packages that need to be shipped via UPS or FedEx at the end of the day, please have your packages ready for shipment (including a return shipping label) and returned to the Cook Memorial Room by 5:15 p.m. Our office has scheduled a pick-up for 5:30 p.m.

Interviewers Should Bring

  1. Resumes of all students on your interview schedule
  2. Resumes of students on the waitlist, as some students may have been added to their schedule.
  3. A business card for Office of Career Planning purposes (in addition to any you may wish to share with students).


Check-in starts at 7:45am. Interviewers should plan to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to their first scheduled interview. Upon check-in, interviewers will receive an updated interview schedule and a confirmed room location(s).


Free wifi will be provided. Your mobile device, tablet, or computer should prompt you to log-in to the University of Michigan “Guest” Wireless network. No password is needed.


Interviews will be held 8:30am-4:50pm. Students will knock on your interview room door at their scheduled times. Some students have back-to-back interviews so they might be a few minutes late.

The office location for which the student has interest is listed on the interview schedule. It is possible that a student is interested in more than one location. We have instructed the student to let the interview know if they are interested in more than one office.

Please check the schedule attached to your interview room door periodically during the day, as students may add or delete their names from your schedule. There is a 10-minute break in the morning and a 10-minute break in the afternoon with a one-hour lunch within the window of noon-1:15pm depending on the length of your interviews.


Please do not request students to send transcripts prior to the interview. We have told students not to send transcripts if requested and to inform the Office of Career Planning if an employer has requested a transcript prior to the interview. Students will provide a copy of their transcript at the end of the interview. We ask that interviewers not ask for students’ transcripts until that time. Some students have multiple pages to their transcript. Please be sure to look at all pages of the transcript.

Room Logistics

If any signs are taped to walls/doors in the Lawyers Club, they must be affixed with painters tape. Michigan Law will have tape you can use if needed. Please do not move any furniture within the interview room or use the refrigerators in the rooms. They are not plugged in and have already been sanitized for student use this fall.


Bagged lunches from Zingerman’s will be served in the Employer Lounge (Cook Memorial Room) from 12:00 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. We invite you to bring your lunch and join us at the Employer Tent to catch up with friends, colleagues, Law School faculty and staff. Throughout the day, we will have coffee, water, and treats in the Cook Memorial Room, as well.


Interviewers MUST vacate their room by 5:15pm. Please bring any packages that you need shipped back to your office to the Employer Lounge located in Cook Memorial Room of the Lawyers Club (where check-in will be held). We will schedule a FedEx pick-up for 5:15pm. Please make sure that you have a pre-paid return label. The Office of Career Planning staff will have tape to assist with finalizing your shipment.


If you need anything, please stop by the Cook Memorial Room, email lawcareers@umich.edu or call 734.764.0546.

Schedules will be released to employers via Symplicity by close of business on Monday, July 30, 2018. We ask that you do not rearrange or add students to your schedules.

Michigan Law operates on a 100% lottery system – employers will not be making pre-selects.

After 6pm on Monday, August 6, online schedules will be finalized. Please double check Symplicity at this time. Students may still add to interview schedules on the morning of interviews, so again, we ask that you do not rearrange or add students to your schedules!


Nondiscrimination Policy Statement

The Law School is committed to the principle of equal opportunities for all individuals.  Equal employment opportunity is inherent in the ideals of the legal profession.  We expect that prospective employers using the facilities of our Office of Career Planning accept that goal and that their employment policies will be consistent with it.

The University of Michigan, as an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer, complies with all applicable federal and state laws regarding nondiscrimination and affirmative action. The University of Michigan is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all persons and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation,* gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight, or veteran status in employment, educational programs and activities, and admissions. Inquiries or complaints may be addressed to the Senior Director for Institutional Equity, and Title IX/Section 504/ADA Coordinator, Office of Institutional Equity, 2072 Administrative Services Building, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1432, 734-763-0235, TTY 734-647-1388. For other University of Michigan information call 734-764-1817.

All employers interviewing during any of our interviewing sessions must have a signed copy of the Employer Equal Opportunity Statement on file with the Office of Career Planning.

Erin Allett, Manager of Recruitment Programs


If you have a question related to your interview schedule or logistics before you come to campus, please email Erin Allett, Manager of Recruitment Programs at eallett@umich.edu. Please know that we will respond as quickly as possible to your question/request and will do our best to accommodate.